thereby improving fuel efficiency and reducing exhaust gasmissions.

Subarus FB20 was a 2.0-litre horizontally-opposed (or boxer) four-cylinder petrol engine.

Effectively replacing theEJ204 engine, the FB20 engine was a member of Subarus third generation FB boxer engine family which also included theFB25,FA20D,FA20E and FA20F engines. The FB20 engine first offered in Australia in 2012Subaru GP/GJ Impreza.


Key features of the FB20 engine included its:

Aluminium alloy cylinder block with open-deck design;

Aluminium alloy cylinder head with double overhead camshafts; read more



30 Creative Money Gift Ideas (For Christmas and All Occasions)

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INSIDE: Wondering how to give money as a gift and have your gesture look thoughtful? Check out this list of cute money gift ideas! Easy for Christmas and all occasions!

Sometimes the best gift is money. But if youre at all like me, you dont always like to just slide cash into a card and sign your name. Placing a $20 bill in a card is so boring! read more

project management

Sometimes, you just have to take a picture of what’Schedule Link As.I created, my own ideas, the article written out, this article is the original original original Article, but unfortunately, this article is very small, and it is very poor.s output: Original photo by Aoife city womanchileThen go make some tea, because it’re stuck with low light and a cellphone camera.It also includes enterprise resource management, production management, project management, order management, customer relationship management, personnel administration nearly a hundred business scenarios solution data show that through the use of light stream can be digitized.has light streaming service has over 20 million businesses and organizations to achieve digital transformation to meet the Internet, manufacturing, retail, education, engineering, construction, finance, service life, and several entertainment and media dozens of industries management system requirements;Unshake is a free download for all platformspractice reduced from six months period one week, more than 96% time savings, IT cost savings of over 70%.Copy the photo you want to tweak, bring the copy down to a smaller size, find the settings you need in Unshake to make it look good, and then apply those settings to the original version.You can set a time for it to start and stopwhich will add the download to the scheduled timeHello sous-vide friends, and welcome to a brand new topic-picking session for Will It Sous Vide?, the column where I make whatever you want me to with my immersion circulatorDo y’all have any ideas? Mushrooms: I think we could get an extra mushroomy mushroom here, but we’d obviously have to finish in a pan to get those crispy edgesObviously, I am super open to any of your original sous vide concepts, especially if you have a good idea for sous-vide potatoes, because I’m not convinced there is one.You can’Terrine: By cooking low and slow, we might be able to skip the marinating step and still get a tons of concentrated flavort truly make a blurry photo clear (the only thing you can do is breathe like a sniper when you first take the photo), but you can at least salvage some of it with this handy program. read more

strengthening the sows and pork production and or ce iicats f monitiearly warn

Megaupload Downloader [SourceForge via Life Rocks 2.After another, they began tired of cleaning up advertisements, only diligent for other housekeeping ads.Gan Luo returned to Qin State with five city pools, and persuaded Lu Weiwei to put back Yanzi Dan, so Zhao Guo started to attack Yan Guo.Or borrow running coach Jenny Hadfield’s mood tracking: red if a workout is a struggle, orange if it was fine, yellow if it felt great.Qin Wang, asked the grandfather of Gan, Gan Luo said that Grandpa Ganmao is born in the family!” If you have paid for a Chrome extension, I recommend hitting up its developer on their website and social media channels to see what, if any, plans they have to update their extensions in the interim.At this time, I found out how ugjust they ugly, but I have no choice but to homogenize the company, can survive, it has become the same face.The idea is to use it to track your workouts throughout the year, filling a circle every time you go for a run or log a session in the gym.Look at Jingdong Tmalls price war, Jingdong Tmall burns low price, Taobao sellers also have to follow crimp, the difference in the store and online shop, the more big, slowly did not have a living road, have to sell unidentified low prices Products, slowly consumers cant buy a good thing, but they still think that they are beneficial to the price war. read more

A generation of open the country, Zhao Wei, the earf deahow didie-

Song Taizu Zhao Weis death, his brother Taizong Zhao Guangyi cant work. Of course, Zhao Weis death is a historical mystery. The real cause is that the people who are different from others or have not contained. If he is killing, Zhao Guangyi is the greatest.

First, the murder motivation Zhao Guangyi is the largest. Zhao Wei, who is early, who is the biggest interest, definitely Zhao Guangyi. Although the signs of various signs of Zhao Wei are the younger brother Zhao Guangyi, but the brother and after all, it is not an emperors handover. Once Zhao Wei is consolidated or his son can be used, he will become. Historically, in the process of obtaining the power, the brothers share their power, and there are several people who are truly fulfilled. The fire is the most exclusive, even if the brothers are also difficult to share power. If Zhao Guangyi wants to kill Zhao Wei, the most fundamental motivation is to take power in advance. read more

— Qing Yu Yeng -Excellent Broadcast Case- first-inance judgmtmode unfortunatservi needs to optimize

On June 2, “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” In November 2019, “Qing Yu” was broadcast in Tencent video, iQiyi platform, and two broadcasting platforms “super-broadcasted” fees also triggered huge disputes. At the end of the year, the consumer Wu made Iqiyi to the court. On June 2, the Beijing Internet Court was pronounced by the case. The court believes that the “advanced on-demand” model itself is not proper, but the membership of the members should not be harmful. On the evening, Iqiyi publicly replied: “We retain the right to appeal, the launch of advanced on-demand models is to meet the growing content of the user. Thank you for the Beijing Internet Courts first instance court, no denying our exploration and try, affirmed The advanced on-demand model itself is not appropriate. “Contract disputes in default, according to the content displayed by Iqiyi official website member privilege page, the advanced on-demand is to meet the VIP member hopes to watch the need to watch in advance in advance, the new upgrade A service, the gold VIP member needs to pay. Under the premise of ensuring that ordinary users and VIP members originally broadcast time constant, iQiyi will provide this service to the content indicative of “advanced on-demand” (including but not limited to the corner / text description, etc.), detailed Will notify it before the content is broadcast. Wu is a gold VIP member of Aiqiyi, which believes that iQiyi implements “paying advances” in the way, “Qing Yu Ye”, invading its legitimate rights and interests, and 奇 爱 艺 至Beijing Internet Court. The judgment confirms that the “Iqiyi VIP Member Service Agreement” introduction second part of the content is invalid; confirming that some of the “Iqiyi VIP Member Service Agreement” section 3.5 is not effective on the plaintiff Wu, Iqiyi needs to compensate Wu A notarized loss fee of 1,500 yuan, and provides the 15th “Gold VIP member” rights. The court believes that the specific content of “advertising privileges” and “members exclusive recommendations” are clearly agreed in the VIP Member Agreement. It will showcase the video of the video will still have other forms of advertisements; in the VIP member rights introduction page, Aiqi The Art Company explicitly states the specific content of “advertising rights” in the way of text description and picture example. Iqiyi Platforms played in the film and television drama or the exclusive recommendation with the above agreed, Iqiyi Company did not breach. In this regard, Zhao Ming, a partner of the China Middle School, said in an interview with the “Securities Daily” reporter, shapeOn the form of (ordinary public meaning) Iqiyi lost, essentially (legal significance), the court did not judge the love of oddi default, but the special provisions of the gold member of Wu (plaintiff) did not have legal effect, It did not take this to recognize the entire agreement default or invalid. “In short, iQiyi has not violated contracts, but in order to unilaterally add some obligations to users (consumers) on the basis of the original contract content, these additional obligations are invalid, but It doesnt cause the original contract to be invalid, and it will not lead to the fundamental default. “Zhao Ming further said. “Exceeding” is still going? Du Ying, a professor of the Law School of the Central University of Finance and Economics, “The court balanced the healthy development of consumer interests and Internet companies. The signing, changes in electronic contracts, changes, and its specialty, not only should consider it Realistic feasibility, it is also necessary to take into account its economic efficiency. The judgment of this case cannot lose the interests of members after the contract changes, the purpose is to continue to develop forward for the entire video industry. Let users see more good programs The platform can also get both users, get enough profits, promote benign circulation. So, is the decision affect the sustainability of the “advanced on-demand” mode? “The mode of super-broadcast mode is very difficult.” An analyst who did not want to be famous, said to the “Securities Daily” reporter, “The present, the three main video platforms of Ai Teng are in the state of all year loss, only improve the loss of the platform, Domestic film and television works can have more production space, the end of the audience, platform, and multi-party benefits. In fact, a variety of charging modes have always been the mainstream operation mode of the international video platform. Another analyst believes that “the main question of iQiyi is not enough. Under the current situation, the rich membership system is the road to the development of video platforms, and the domestic copyright awareness has not been strong. Everyone It is used to the free Internet content, so when the copyright is modeled, it is especially difficult to advance the charging mode. However, from a mature business model, the video platform does not have a ladder fee system, there is no sufficient paid content. It is difficult to ensure continuous operation. This is a loop. “On May 23, iQiyi launched a new member package:” Star Diamond VIP “member, priced is about 40 yuan / month (continuous renewal). The core equity of the new package is mainly free to watch all the advances of Iqiyi.On demand drama and implement mobile phones, tablets, computers, TV, and VR. Guangfa Securities Council pointed out that it is expected that other video websites or will also follow into the establishment of their own unique VIP systems. read more

; About Marijuana?

Is Puff the Magic Dragon About Marijuana?

Is Puff the Magic Dragon About Marijuana?

Puff the Magic Dragon is what its writers have always claimed it to be: a song about the innocence of childhood lost.

The Peter, Paul & Mary tune Puff, the Magic Dragon is a coded song about marijuana.

The poem that formed the basis of the song Puff, the Magic Dragon was written in 1959 by Leonard Lipton, a nineteen-year-old Cornell student. Lipton was inspired by an Ogden Nash rhyme about aReally-OTruly-ODragon, and, using a dragon as the central figure, he came up with a poem about the end of childhood innocence. Lipton passed his work along to a friend, fellow Cornell student (and folk music enthusiast) Peter Yarrow, who put a melody to the words and wrote additional lyrics to create the song Puff, the Magic Dragon. After Yarrow teamed up with Mary Travers and Paul Stookey in 1961 to form Peter, Paul & Mary, the trio performed the song in live shows, and their 1962 recording of Puff reached 2 on theBillboardcharts in early 1963. read more