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After selling loss assets, the company began to transform AMC business and seeking new performance growth points.For the current market style, Chen Guo said that this style of transformation will become a normally in the future.Previously, Liu Wei also entered the main northeast electrical (now * ST East Power), served as a period of timeThe actual controller.It is 15% for negotiation pricing, and 20% is extracted independently, and the maintenance fee of 80 yuan is added.Since listing, Jiai technology earnings growth is relatively slow.I have been in the day of February 20th.(hereinafter referred to as “Appin Shengli”), with a value-added rate of 849%.For another Wei Qi, Fan Wei is not polite, directly borrowed from the help of Qin ZhaowangHelping the Qin States strong national power eventually got his head.This acquisition brought more than 699 million yuan of goodwill for listed companies, accounting for 90.In addition, the extension of “Ning combination” or the industry covered is also dynamic.017 million yuan, total assets of 4.It is less than the point of operation.Many people choose to do virtual projects, they dont have to deliver, worry, can be automatically sold, this is the advantage of virtual projects, but with their own deep discovery, favorable disadvantages, drawbacks are the advertising will be found, then Release, sometimes you will suspect that life, beneficial, just dont have to pay.Second, there is a key industry with global competitiveness, including new energy, new energy vehicles and artificial intelligence.When the users product is approved by the line, the platform will invite the user pricing, and the user can select the price adjustment mode according to the rules.Hongbrin has three price adjustment modes for the commissioned commodities, respectively, speed-off, medium speed, independent price adjustment. read more

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This time IPOD TOUCH resurrection can bring more aggressive growth, we still have to wait for the verification.The last generation of iPod Touch was released in July 2015, the hardware is equipped with 64-bit A8 processor and M8 action capture coprocessor, and 8 megapixel rear camera.According to industry insiders, iPod Touch 7 will adopt new design, in addition to the latest A12 processor, the full screen design will also be eye-catching.iPod Touch has a group of loyal fans since the release of 2007.In addition, the interface of iPod Touch 7 may be changed from LightNing to USB-C, which is also in line with Apples future goals.Apple is currently developing seventh generation iPod touch, Apple expects to use new devices to stimulate service revenue from Apple Music and App Store.A5 Entrepreneurship Network (public number: Iadmin5) January 15th news, according to from CES 2019, Apple may be developing new iPod Touch models, while the previous generation of iPod touch6 has been released for 3 years More time.The price is only $ 299, which is the cheapest way to experience the iOS system. read more