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Since then, the local officials of the Weishan County are handed over, each year, I tribute four nose, so that Qianlong will enjoy delicious.In 1972, the former US President Nixon came to Shanghai, and Zhou Enlai Prime Ministers private menu, there was Songjiang four mackerel.Qianlong loves to the carp, it can be said that it has arrived.After all, my iron brothers are two (Zhang Fei Guan Yu), even if they make Wrong, it is not fatal!It is said that the squid is the best in the Songjiang North Gate Xiuye ??Bridge, and the remaining is not the hometown for the squid.Enjoy delicious.After the Wolong joined the Liu Bei team, experienced the Battle of Bo Wangpo, the battle of Chibi, the fire, the city attack and defense, Hanzhong War and other war.Qianlong said.Just because he is extremely low-key, there is nowhere to know him, and no one can hear him.), But his spirit But it continued.So, sent a number of generals came to Yongan, I would like to open the defensive gate of Han Han at this time.I want to help the Han Room, just use Guan Yu Zhang Fei to achieve, it is obviously unlikely.At that time, two of them were selling a jujube, a selling pork, I didnt expect to contain the heart of the people, and they quickly worship them.The most mysterious general of Zhao Han is lower than Zhao Yun, which is Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei finally rely!Whitening soldiers, this is one of the most cattle armies in Han, and one is the unaditioning army who leads to Wang Ping.As one of the Yangtze River, the squid is one of the three fresh things, it is unimaginable, but because of this, it has almost extinctable after the wild herring, it is really sad.How to do? The first step is to promote the slogan, explain with the current technique is “Character Event Marketing”The second, squid, sauce, four nose carp, is a dish that Qianlong is very love to eat.In order to please Mr. read more