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; About Marijuana?

Is Puff the Magic Dragon About Marijuana?

Is Puff the Magic Dragon About Marijuana?

Puff the Magic Dragon is what its writers have always claimed it to be: a song about the innocence of childhood lost.

The Peter, Paul & Mary tune Puff, the Magic Dragon is a coded song about marijuana.

The poem that formed the basis of the song Puff, the Magic Dragon was written in 1959 by Leonard Lipton, a nineteen-year-old Cornell student. Lipton was inspired by an Ogden Nash rhyme about aReally-OTruly-ODragon, and, using a dragon as the central figure, he came up with a poem about the end of childhood innocence. Lipton passed his work along to a friend, fellow Cornell student (and folk music enthusiast) Peter Yarrow, who put a melody to the words and wrote additional lyrics to create the song Puff, the Magic Dragon. After Yarrow teamed up with Mary Travers and Paul Stookey in 1961 to form Peter, Paul & Mary, the trio performed the song in live shows, and their 1962 recording of Puff reached 2 on theBillboardcharts in early 1963. read more