Recommendations for Vaccination in Childrewith Atopic Derms Treed with Dupilumab A CssuMeeng 2020

By Sylvia A Martinez-Cabriales,Mark G Kirchhof,Cora M Constantinescu,Luis Murguia-Favela,Michele L Ramien

Dupilumab is the only biologic therapy currently approved in Europe and the United States for severe atopic dermatitis in patients 6 years of age or older. Off-label use is rationalized in younger children with severe atopic dermatitis. Decisions about vaccination for children on dupilumab are complex and depend on both the childs current treatment and the type of vaccination required. To achieve consensus on recommendations for vaccination of pediatric patients with atopic dermatitis treated with or planning to start dupilumab, a review of the literature and a modified-Delphi process was conducted by a working group of 5 panelists with expertise in dermatology, immunology, infectious diseases and vaccination. Here, we provide seven recommendations for vaccination of pediatric patients with atopic dermatitis treated with or planning to start dupilumab. These recommendations serve to guide physicians decisions about vaccination in children with atopic dermatitis treated with dupilumab. Furthermore, we highlight an unmet need for research to determine how significantly dupilumab affects cellular and humoral immune responses to vaccination with live attenuated and inactivated vaccines. read more

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