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The free fish has no source play, it is a product of other channels, such as a treasure, a lot, etc.Theme configuration: Continuous attention to the deepening of national reformObservations used to measure the width of the market: Shanghai Composite August reading does not drop very narrow range, diffusion transaction structure;1, the second half of “steady growth” is expected to strengthen, superimposed differentiation mainstream track, expected Jiangzai style balance.The idle fish is a second-hand trading platform.Sima Qian described very clearly, Empress Lu Fan Kuai is a party, kill all the surname Liu Bang queen of Lu party a suspicion gradually worsened, Liu Qi Furen favor, like her son Zhao wishful, Liu Qi Furen feel too weak, if Liu died, Fan Kuai afraid their mother will start.First Fan Kuai has a special status (he was Jaafari told Liu Bang), this relationship so that both Liu more “reuse” He, perhaps more afraid of Liu Bang him.However, Liu Bang is a good color, he is not beautiful, or in the city After a few days, fortunately he had Fan Wei, not in the end of the soldiers, but his pattern is not as good as Fan.Industry Configuration Clues: Export Nuggets (Auto Parts), Inflation Communication (Coal, Agrochemical, Aluminum, Glass), Industrial Sports (Electric Vehicles, Military).In addition, we maintain high quality financial stocks.Economic expectations in the first half of the year and the continuous high boom of mainstream tracks also contribute to the continuous differentiation of valuation growth style in the first half of the year. read more

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What do you think of what you think of Cao Caos Queen? Lets introduce you related historical deeds.

“Shi said, Yinyuan” once evaluated her: “Sexuality, no money, there is a mothers morality.” The ancient feudal dynasty society, the emperor is the nine-five, is a countrys rule Vener, leader, and Queen is a mother of a country, leading to a womans woman in the country. In ancient society, it is necessary to have a lot of conditions, but few people can reach these conditions. In the ancient history, they have to say that there is a mothers style of the world. The Queen will definitely this. It is the character of the Three Kingdoms, which is the second wife of Cao Cao. read more

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