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It is found that the bears paw has been replaced into “mobile zone” mobile bears paw icon all disappeared Baidu suspected Cancel the bears palm small picture bear palm is completely cold: the entrance has been guided to the plot of the family and the small program, the conspiracy of the bears paw is, Baidu search formal offline bear paw ID businessIn addition, according to the “Economic Daily” released comments, the Administration for Industry and Commerce is defined as a WeChat public number with a certain influence of the new media account, which includes “Mi Meng” and other self-media.This year, the focus of the APP and WeChat public account will also welcome the strict year of media advertising supervision.For groups, further investing in their own management resources, and take measures to improve competitiveness.The public number is first included in the regulatory scope.In the future, it will be used as a key to investigate the object!Not long ago, the company has been recognized in the process of completing billions of dollars in chip business for sale, the net loss of $ 436 million in the first half of the year.According to the US Yahoo News reported that Japans Toshiba Group on the 14th decided to sell TV services to Chinese Hisense Group, in order to restore the balance sheet.Economic Daily 2018-02-26 Reasons for the comment Edition, last year as a rapid development of media from the media, its entire self-media advertising market will exceed 100 billion yuan in five years, although under the impact of interest, it is accompanied by media advertising The wave is coming, the quality of the slime.Related reading: At the end of 2018, the Internet Baidu bears paw team disbanded Baidu has given 50% of traffic to the bears paw.The annual camp of Toshiba chips accounts for a quarter of Toshibas total collection.It is not working in the mobile phone, and the team is withdrawn.This is also the first time the BRIC will use the public number as a monitoring object. read more