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butSince then, the stock price is down all the way, the minimum falls to $ 8.For Tencents HR, there is a natural convenience resource, which is a lot of QQ numbers in the job and returns.Samsung Electronics said that there is no double standard for the Chinese market on the recall issue.And prepared to up to 40 billion euros of funds, will acquire the right to operate into the field of vision.The United States had announced plans for the acquisition of 115 euros per share, hoping to get at least 30% (previous holdings included TOB) stock.3 million yuan.The CEO Wang Xin Wen is from Tencent. read more


The cloud transformation, the three major operators, even some traditional enterprises have also added to the competition of cloud computing, so there is a good lively.Cloud computing is mainly divided into IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services, IAAS mainly provides computing power, However, customers demand focus is not stored and hosted, but requires a standardized management rule that allows the equipment to be unified access, unified scheduling, unified testing, etc.Artificial intelligence may be standing at the door of cloud computing “BarbariansDid not reduce the investment in the cloud computing, and the acquisition of the data center and the acquisition of cloud computing related products can even be described.From the specific action from Google Cloud Service, artificial intelligence is likely to be a knocking brick that surpasses Amazon.On the contrary, there are constant giants and challengers into the cloud computing, especially in the PaaS and SaaS markets attracting a variety of players.From the Amazons efforts to the cloud computing business, it has already passed the first 10 years. read more