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More classification problems involving multiple different fields such as structured data and text.This competition is also Chinese The research field held NL2SQL related competitions for the first time.The entire NL2SQL competition system is divided into 4 stages from June 3 to September 2019, registration, online preliminy, resort, and the finals of the finals, the finals.Database innovation interactions will have huge potential Phase Technology Joint Foundation and CTO Liu Yunfeng said that this NL2SQL competition is just a starting point.Chasing technology will provide a pretreated data set and establish a data exchange library to achieve data-driven learning., further excavating structured database value, and accumulated A lot of results.This competition is expected to further promote the research and application of Chinese NL2SQL, allowing interaction Ai technology to activate more scene innovations, bring greater value for companies and society.On June 3, the first Chinese NL2SQL Challenge was officially launched in China.It is just a starting point, as a smart semantic leader, look forward to working with more NLP and AI developers, and constantly exploring the new secret of NLP en functioning.The IDer data set, but in the domestic market, it is still in the starting phase.Many artificial intelligence academic big coffee will serve as the judge of this competition, including Associate Professor, Singapore Nanyang University of Technology, Doctoral Supervisor Mao Xi, Professor Nanjing University, Dr.It is understood that this NL2SQL game goal is to use NLP to solve the traditional database interaction problem, open the barriers between people and structured data, more effectively utilize structured data, and realize the human-computer interaction experience upgrade. read more