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Chairman of Lenovo Group and CEO Yang Yuanqings 6th Lenovo Innovation Technology Conference was closed on October 29.In the industry, with the increasingness of smartphone functions, many daily lives of users are inseparable from mobile phones, how to provide a soft-hardware that is safe, and become the most concerned hotspot.Qin Shihuang is dead, I have written a legacy, pass the throne to Fu Su, but Zhao Gao has colluded with Hu Hai, secretly tampered with the effort, and forced to death.Jia Zhaohui and the product manager team show the latest achievements of research and development for large and middle and secondary school students and teachers users: “Xiaole Intelligent Care” program, integrating intelligent visual system, full DC dimming, focus analysis, and detection reminders, and integrate Intelligent network optimization, smart noise shielding and screen super resolutions, etc.Personal privacy information is also stored.Jia Zhaohui further introduced that the UDS intelligent management platform is equivalent to deploying a service dispatch center deploying in the cloud, combined with super-smart computers, smart devices, and rich cloud services, build new service modes that are user-centered, devices.The mobile phone is safe into the focus of the majority of mobile phone users.The Shanghai Composite Index is not too pessimistic near 3300-3400.for the worlds thinnest games this savior Y9000X 2021, product manager for live demonstrations, “two fingers you can easily lift.This is the most fundamental value of technology.The performance is gradually active after the end of the issuance period.Fold is suitable for new mobile office, office, mixed mobile scenario application model, allowing workplace people to easily download data, handle complex files, etc.Lenovo use ENC ANC and intelligent noise reduction algorithm to create a focused and efficient work environment;And RAZR can also start again, becoming a big screen. read more