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11/16/21Louisiana and Mississippi libraries in the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) are entering into a shared regional agreement to offer citizens widespread and enhanced access to Government information. read more

and there is a lot of credit.

Sichuan County, with the name of the water, the governance, the yang (now Henan, Zhangzhou). In this regard, Sima Qian is recorded in “Historical Records, Qin Shi Emi):” In the 17th year, Na Teng Teng attack Han, Dawang Wang An, the Na, and the land is the county, life is Sichuan. “The scope roughly included today Henan Xuchang City, Pingdingshan City, Luohe City, Zhangzhou City, Dengfeng City, Changge City, etc., jurisdiction over 12 counties: Xixian (this city), Yangzheng County (now Cangzhou City), Changshui County (Now Chang Ge City), Fuling County, Yucheng County, etc.颍 颍 郡, in ancient history, the county is the largest population outside the capital since its establishment, and it is also the place where the people are in place. read more

ready to take outhe circle

Water Bo will be a white jade, and the green cattle is in the water, sprinkling a long gun, ready to take out the circle, and support two doors.Reading the “Sunday Note” of the emperors words and deeds, the new and old Tang books will almost attributed to Li Shimin, and Li Jiancheng has not mentioned.As a result, the fire of the fire is quilt, and Sun Wukong went to find Shunde Jun.At that time, when Cao Cao crushed Tao, killing the people in the road, such a difference and Dong Zhuo said that Cao Cao and Dong Zhuo did not bisten in Chen Gongs eyes.The other party is the first of the Qin Wangfus “18th Bachelor” and the grandchildren, and the MSH, Yu Si Gong and other military commanders are headed to support Qin Wang.Li Jiancheng, Xiaomang, born in the nine years of Sui Kaihuang (AD 589), is Li Yuans eldest son.Sure enough is a stealing Dans devil!The first level cuts the public, and the army talented.His mighty value does not say, single is that he can mediate the strength of Cao Cao for two years, and the number can defeat Cao Caos strength.No, Guanyins jade bottle threw a lot of seawater in the sea in the sea, so that Sun Wukong took it at all.Later, Lu Bu defeated Cao Cao at a time, but eventually he was defeated with the Cao Army Qiaoqi to use the conspiracy and tactics, forced and Lu Bu to flee XuzhouBy Liu Bei.When Cao Cao intends to put the Chen Gong, he is willing to follow Lu Shi to die.At that time, Chen Gong, who was in Cao Cao Rens Taishou, passed diplomatic means to Cao Cao.Today, our Xiaobian brings you Chen Gong and Lu Bu, hoping to help everyone.You know, when the Snake Panshan Eagle took Xiaolong, Guanyin Xu said that he called the land every day. read more