China tightens safety scrutiny for electric cars new-energvehicles


China tightens safety scrutiny for electric cars, new-energy vehicles

File photo of Tesla electric vehicles. (Image used for representational purpose)

China tightens safety scrutiny for electric cars, new-energy vehicles

China wants automakers to have a 24-hour emergency response system for major accidents. Automakers also potentially face heavy penalties in case there is a failure to conduct regular checks.

China, the worlds largest electric car market, is doubling down on the safety standards of these and other new-age vehicles that make use of alternate fuels. Referred to as new-energy vehicles, China wants manufacturers to ensure the utmost safety so that incidents such as brake failures, power loss and battery fires can be minimized. read more

English training for INVALSI



Main pageCoursebooks English training for INVALSI

A volume to start preparing for the INVALSI English tests as early as the 4th and divided into two parts, the first is dedicated to the explanation of the tests while the second proposes seven simulations of Reading and Listening, presented with progressive difficulty. Accompanying each test : summary of the grammatical forms and of the lexicon used in the test and evaluation tables where to report the count to facilitate the corrections and the students in the self-evaluation. The audio of the Reading and Listening is also accessible through QR code. read more


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