Data show, August 16, lithium cathode, electrolyte lithium, lithium negative electrode, a battery, a rare earth, Salt Lake, lithium ore, iron hydrochloride lithium and other rare usher in a collective concept of plate adjustment, the concept of plate up to 9-day drop in more than 5%.In Dongxing Securities and Power Equipment and New Energy Industry Analyst Zheng Zheng Dans view of policy support, industrial progress, cost decline, etc.August 13,Yongfu Shares issued an announcement, and nearly 8% of the companys shareholders in Ningde intended to reduce the shares of no more than 546.Wang Hanfeng, chief strategy analyst of Zhongjin Company, pointed out that the current profit cycle and boom such as new energy vehicles, photovoltaic, is still important, and it is an important foundation for growing style, but considers valuation and rising factors.92% of the companys controlling shareholder Baotou Iron and Steel (Group) limited liability company plans to reduce 90,826,700 shares within 6 months after the date of the announcement disclosure , The proportion of the companys total share capital is not over 2.for new energy stocks overwhelmed by the collective callback, the industry believes that is not surprising.Peng Jianfeng made the above description of the day at the “Chinese intelligent display and innovative applications Industry Conference”. read more

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” The market believes that for B stations Words, quickly expanding the user group is the way of development, but how to find a way to balance the balance in the future, you need a B station to explore your own road.As of June 30, 2021, another fund of Wang Shuai management – BOC Quality Life Mixed Fund won the five-star rating of Haitong Securities, in the past one year, nearly two years and nearly three years of excessive income, the spiritual strategy mixed fund The first 20% (data source: Haitong Securities Fund evaluation).According to B station data, as of June this year, the brands repurchariage rate at the B station is as high as 75%.The current index is analyzedSince July 26, 2019, the Secondary School Science Index rose 128.Overall operational strategy: Control overall positions are within 40%, and the ambush of August is still endless, and there are further signals in the market.The regular open fund is a “magic weapon” that deals oscillating the city, which can help investors jump out of the short-term short, chase the misunderstanding of the fall, and pursue a medium and long-term income;the current gross profit is 989 million yuan.Entering in August, the market still has repeated, does not rule out the earthquake, it is recommended to keep watching while waiting to adjust the end, in this process, continue to avoid high-estimate varieties, and grasp the more powerful investors, Low the band operation.While paying attention to the overall risk, it can play structurally Chance.The advantage of technology stocks will continue.In fact, look at the video platform “Ai You Teng” (iQiyi, Youku, Tencent) today seems to continue such a model.Although technological innovation is a long cow plate, but in the moment of oscillating, such as semiconductors, new energy, etc.28% respectively, while the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index fell 4.The financial report showed that the game camp was about 1.67%, and the summary index of the same year was 6. read more