At halfway mark of Asian qualifiers


African member countries are expected to overwhelmingly support plans to increase the frequency of the hosting of the World Cup to every two years.

A FIFA proposal for a World Cup every two years and changes to the Club World Cup could cost the big domestic football leagues around €8 billion.

The 2022 World Cup will see plenty of talent on show, but which U21 players could shine if given the chance in Qatar?

Football Association chief executive Mark Bullingham has said Qatar has made strong progress in addressing human rights issues. read more


9 percentage points from 1 to 4 months;5% of companies expect to use artificial intelligent public intelligence infrastructure with public facility significance in the future.the growth rate of business service platform business revenue was higher than 1 to April;The cloud is responsible for model iteration update, data collection;From January to May, Internet companies with large-scale achievement of 60.” The intelligence center is the production and supply center of intelligence era, is new Power plant, it is expected to resolve the contradiction between AI calculation demand and insufficient traditional integration.52 billion yuan, an increase of 8.First, the elements outside, Such as data, scenes, talents, algorithms have been resolved.Will set off a new computing revolution, the purpose of the new round of computing revolution is to meet the calculation needs of Ai industrial production.We measure an important indicator of it is AI power.People are firmly convinced that the AI ??industrialization has been comprehensively arriving, and the subsequent era, AI industrialization enters the deep water area. read more