which presents less decline in recent years

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the white tiger

Tuniu said that the epidemic has had a negative impact on the business operations and cash flows in the third quarter of the company, which may continue, but the companys cash and cash equivalents are sufficient to meet the companys normal business in the next year.1% year on year;Baidu work quite a long time in the field of artificial intelligence, DuerOS has a huge data base, and to complete the operation of dialogue by natural language hardware as users with a complete service chain.From the past few years, the epidemic is only one of the reasons for the decline in the performance of the way.in the design concept, Haier is taking the pragmatic path, its main appeal also to adapt to the market, to make their own hardware more competitive .” The above analysts said to the “Securities Daily” reporter that the operational strategy of Tuniu is too old.9 million yuan, down 79.administrative expenses 69.Everyone does not want their own service providers, in the future, smart home, this feast, after all, the taste of the fate is not very good.The small rice in the current smart home appliance market share, the ecological chain is gradually mature, and there is a great ambition in smart home, and it will not be easily retired.The benefits of doing this are obvious, in the current market, some small and medium-sized companies are unable to enter the game because of technical issues, the chip and cloud services provided by Huawei, decrease The threshold provides them with an opportunity for admission.656 billion yuan, and 69.On September 16, 2019, Wi-Fi6 Alliance announced the launch of Wi-Fi 6 certification programs, which will become the first year of Wi-Fi6 development in 2020.Competition , Smart home operating system this big cake? Who is the flower? read more