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Dangname investment What is important? Each investment product is risky, can not blindly enter the market, you can pay more attention to some news, as a reference, you can also learn the predecessors in the morning, and ask more important to learn to learn, just better than one Jade, bought may be hundreds of pieces, but after the carving is a piece of handicraft, worth even the city, of course, the jade bought by 1 million, but it is not the corner of the unused, there is a friend, there is The sentence is good, and a straw is only selling cabbage pricings with cabbage, and it can sell the price of hairy crabs with the hairy crab.The investment domain is not moving is a hundred million investment, no addition of gold, real about when shopping.mentioned the Ming court, a lot of bright pink friends always peeing endless, yet it accounted for half of that time Ming, if not because of internal friction, is really unknown to history, but history does not if, Ming internal forces fight not only ruined the rivers and mountains of the Ming Dynasty Kuangfu opportunity, once again changed the trajectory of life of our hero Li Chengdong today.html) Domain acquisition method What are the way? Domain acquisition method can be divided into 1.There are a lot of platforms to buy, except for the above registrars: You name network, love name network, gold name network, etc.Com and .Unlike gold real estate: the profit of the domain name can grow geometric growth, but it is also possible to be worthless, this is very similar to the ancient jade, there is uncertain nature, any investment is uncertain, and risk .So: What is a domain by domain name suffix 2 points can be divided into three categories which what is good domain 4 from the investment point of view, the domain name can be divided into several categories 5 and common domain name investment gold?. read more