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Beijing Stock Exchange System –

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2, adhering to the listed company of the Beijing Stock Exchange is generated by the innovative layer company, and the new listed company is a 12-month innovative layer company in the new three board read more

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During the use of air conditioning, the following six cases may trigger air conditioning line security risks: 1, the socket plug capacity is too small, resulting in overheating;in addition, air conditioning internal components can also cause air conditioning to start, there are many functions in the air conditioner Attach electric motor, due to the mechanical failure of the motor, if the fan card is “blocked”, the motor bearing wear causes the rotor to sweep, causing the motor current to increase, causing a short circuit, a fire;On the morning of March 23, the Sichuan Provincial Consumer Council made the relevant person in charge of 6 platforms, requiring various platforms, format contracts, violation consumer information rights and other issues to rectify, standardize and enhance the platform.it is understood, air conditioner control The switch fault can cause a fire, such as the AC relay contact adhesion, the turns of the electromagnetic coil, etc.In order to make everyone more securely understand and use air conditioning, today we explain to everyone in the air-conditioning use, how to save and fire extinguish.The Sichuan Provincial Protection Consumer Rights Commission issued the “online purchase of the second-hand car survey report” on March 4th, where the vehicle information parameters did not match, attract consumers with false car source information, first pay the deposit and then see the contract The charging matters notify the problem of violation of consumers, etc.6, power cord end joint loosening or air conditioner inner motor, transformer, etc.As a large house of the living room, the service life of the air conditioner is very long, and the number of uses specified by the air conditioner itself is 8-10 years.4, the internal wire, the electrical component insulation strength is lowered, and the leakage fire causes fire;At the discipline, Huang Shaozhi, Beijing Banko (Chengdu), Law Firm, Liang Jian, 58 City, used car home, everyone car, Amoy, Excellent second-hand car, melon second-hand car online trading platform network promotion Real, the inexperity of vehicle information violates the right to consumers know the real situation.At the same time, the melon used car, 58 city, second-hand car home, etc.Summer is hot, and many air conditioners in many people are not stopped.Interested friends may wish to pay attention.It is often maintained for air conditioning.58 City, used car home, everyone car, bus is suspected of issuing false auto sources, Excellent second-hand car must first pay the deposit, in order to see the contract terms, and to charge a thousand yuan. read more