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They should be quite snug, and have at least an inch of space above them.When you’re ready to serve the turkey, place the roasting pan in a warm oven until the lard melts and the thighs can be easily removed from the fat.The best thing I have ever made in this life was coffee-cured duck prosciutto.Coffee plays well with the sweeter things in life as well) By cooking dry-brined thighs in melted lard, you get an intensely flavored, moist meat.Flip the bag a couple times during the brining process if you rememberIt should be noted that this doesn’t work with every single bottle of extract—my fancy peppermint extract had too small of a cap—but for common brands like McCormick , this trick works out.Was it an easy process? No, but it was not overly difficult.Sweeten the Deal A cup of coffee is a natural pairing for sweet, sugary pastries, but it’s also a real superstar ingredient when used in desserts.\nPhotos by Noirouge and Claire Lower. read more

Somali drama wins Pan-African film festival grd prize


Somali drama wins Pan-African film festival grand prize Photograph:( Twitter )

This 27th edition was postponed by nearly eight months to Oct. 16-23, 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Somalias entry The Gravediggers Wifeby Finish-Somali writer-director Khadar Ayderus Ahmed won the prestigious Stallion of Yennenga grand prize for best film at the Pan-African film festival in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, on Sunday.

The poignant drama about a gravediggers struggles to raise money to pay for his wifes surgery took home the 20 million franc CFA ($35,714) prize money and the golden stallion statue. read more

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Wang Chao, a senior analyst of Puhui Financial Knowledge Platform, replying to the “Economic Daily” reporter said: “When we buy a mobile phone, we will consider the size of memory and flash, which largely determines the speed of mobile phone.Sun Huifeng believes that domestic mobile phones have a collective price increase, mainly reflecting the problem of excessive dependence on the upstream supply chain.It can build a website through yourself, and the traditional construction station has no technical threshold for the insiders, but it is “high-definition,” Although it is not an advanced technology now, if you build a website at the same time, you must have a website at the same time, you have to have a domain name, server, program, and design knowledge.”Sun Huifeng analyzed that Sun Huifeng also said that from the age, more pursuit of individuality, young consumers and middle-aged consumers with more purchasing power, more demanding, should be smaller for this price increase;, almost monopolizes the chip industry, and domestic manufacturers are still continuing by the high-level restrictions on the upstream supply chain.Write the companys promotion case, put high quality channels.How does the market entity especially consumers at all ages? In fact, the price increase is more than about 1,000 yuan, but some consumers are still very peaceful for this price increase.”Wang Chao said.Benefits 4: The cost is low, because it is a self-service station, you dont have to bother to build a station professionals to make a website, reduce The expenditure of service costs.Benefits 2: No need to learn other procedures knowledge, just some design skills, aesthetic skills can do it very well.Benefits Three: Dont worry about maintenance problems, IN the treasure box has a special technical unified maintenance website to exclude Trojan viruses. read more