-After 90- computer industry chief Liu Gao- now is a goodompany spring

For only 5 years, Liu Gaochang completed the leap of the outstanding chief analyst from a beginner.

As a “90-after”, the current Zhizheng securities computer industry chief Liu is so fast, can you grow so quickly?

The answer he gives is: “Honesty to yourself, honesty for customers, and maintain the industry and research work of our own research, then maintain a curiosity, constantly from classic books, investment from various types Master, from the market itself, you can quickly form the framework and system of research, or you can make a friendly friend, which is a rapid growth of analysts. I am honored to grow with younger computer industry. ” read more

if you have resources

User “Cream Fat Snow Cake” asked in Soul Superphracy, “Soul is broadcast live in Soul, the anchor is open to the software developed by other platforms, whether the company is profitable.(hereinafter referred to as” distribution “), which also considers Baidus future to construct a bottom gas.64,000.When Xuan Zongs excitement, a large locust occurred in Henan.Of course, if you have resources, you can send it, such as you know a lot of blogs, let everyone link together, such as your business website, you can do a one-way link, these are IndividualSource, so take the difference based on everyones situation. read more

and the job seeker presents younger

China Network Science and Technology On January 8th, according to the “2020 China Sea Employment Investigation Report” (hereinafter referred to as “survey report”) showed that due to factors such as safety environment and economic toughness, overseas talents returned to China, the willingness of returning to China is more intense, and the sea returning will not block . On the other hand, some issues and dilemmas have also reflected some problems and difficulties in the investigation of returnees in domestic employment or entrepreneurship. From the specific “survey report”, the number of people in the domestic job in 2020 increased by 33.9% year-on-year, and the quality of the sea is high, and the job seeker presents younger, the trend of heritage; the financial, the Internet, the entertainment industry is more favored by the sea, 45% Sea is expected to take root first-tier cities, and Beijing and Shanghai two cities account for more than 3%, 45% of the sea is expected to have a monthly salary of 8,000-15,000 yuan, higher than the overall job seeker. In the group of international students, the epidemic caused the investment in 2020 to return to China to return to 67.3%, the second quarter increased as high as 195%; the development of returned students was most urgent, and the number of jobs in 2020 increased by 86.8% year-on-year. “Investigation Report” pointed out that the domestic epidemic prevention and control effect has been adjusted to return to China. The main disorder of returning to the domestic talent policy, the employment market has returned to the country, and nearly 90% of international students return home after returning to China, and most closely pay for the payment. In addition, according to Zhilian recruitment data, in 2020, the resume to domestic positions, that is, the number of people who intend to develop in China is much higher than in 2019 (5.3%), 2018 (4.3%) year-on-year increase. Description In recent years, the willingness of returning to China has continued to increase, and the factors such as black swan events and international relations in the 2020 have probabilistic effects, accelerate the trend of sea returning to China. read more

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