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翻译错误:未将对象引用设置到对象的实例。100,000 ~ 490,000, this, actually can still become a big god.You still want to do it.And one hundred people write nets, and only one or two can get a considerable income, others wantWhat is the street, or it is either embarrassed to all beings.income.I have a writer for me.Finally, the network circle is not mixed, 99 sweat, not a percent inspiration, this is a true portrayal, talented is more easier to mix, and luck is more important than talents, maybe 99 talented ratio It is also very likely that luck in one percent.It can be said that a network novel is a shortcut that can quickly get rich.Strength.In fact, our team, including some assistants, I believe this, You really make this company as your home, you are the future of success.Without signing, there is no manuscript fee, then there are many people, do hundreds of thousands of people are not surprised, maybe count those who dont make money, complete feelings, perhaps people who play every word online, It can be written in the network.500,000 ~ 990,000 level, this is still called the god, the month is more than 50,000, I think most people are unable to imagine high income? This quantity is more, dozens of people must have. read more

Cao Chong is the most intelligent.Maoha listened

See your own savior.After Cao Cao listened, he was angry, saying that Zhou is not doubtful.At this time, the girls cry is not heard.Even the temple also cant maintain normal life, Zhu Yuanzhang has helplessly runs around and lives.In that age, it is not easy.boldly stand metallocene sand cliff, bow and arrow, two arrows whizzing, two fine to all Eagle was shot down.There may be a lot of people are sorry, but had a lesson, look at yourself, 伴君如伴虎 ah.He pulled a feathers from the white wild chicken, inserted on his head as a commemoration, he bid farewell to the Han people of the hunter.Zhu Yuanzhang born, but with his own ability to create his own brilliant achievements, it is called “Grassroots Emperor” by later generation.Besides the young hunter Mao sand, he followed the trail of the beast, over countless mountains, through a number of inaccessible valleys and forests.If Cao Chong can take a smooth contest, it will not die in that week, because Cao Chong is dead, Cao Cao is extremelyIt is amiable.Is it really no way to deal with them anyway let me go and see” Then he picked up the bow , prepare arrows, led by a stockade of people came to the cliff eagle fine living.In his posterior generation, Cao Chong is the most intelligent.Maoha listened, secretly in the heart, it is a harmful goblin, so he will remove it. read more