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Blogger Wencai is like eating dumplings.It is the same point of view, and the article written by the literary people can bring happiness to readers, and no text The articles written by people will be very stiff and let readers read hard.The structure of the blog articles clear an article is the face of this article.Quick Hand E-commerce college is a comprehensive e-commerce education platform, which has a series of problems in the market, and the college has gathered six advantages.If a very good person has a dogs name, the first impression of this person will be very bad.The blog page is neatly a neat page to attract readers to read, and can promote the relationship between bloggers and users to a certain extent.The first course is currently carried out on September 14th to September 20th.”7th broke the zero training camp, mainly from people , The three directions of the goods, the full explanation analysis, helping the trains to learn from the trend of live e-commerce, build their own people, integrate the supply chain, do a good job in live broadcast planning.A neat blog page, at least a good first impression on the reader.the official authority interpretation, master one hand;It is mainly broken by the fast-handed business college and the Todays Net Red Academy.The article is the same, if a good article has a bad title, this article will never be good to the readers first impression.Their article can let the readers read carefully and let readers have gains, thus causing readers attention.Just like a kite with soaring, there is a long-term traction, an article has a good structure and can pull the reader to read.It is reasonable to say that such an environment is not conducive to independent blogging.Some independent blogs have developed very well.the group Q & A, theory + Executive hand handlers;From the number of independent blogs in 2014, the 2015 independent blog will be more and more.Blog articles Quality High Well-known blog The article has high readability and high gold. read more

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Thanks again to the small road.Pay attention to the flow of pictures.Many readers and friends are recommended by the small road, the large number is recommended once, the number of readers is like sitting on the rocket.At the end of each article, copyright information should be included.This ruleIt is a bit pit, many people are pitted, such as the private number of the small road.From then on, in order to solve this problem, pay special attention to collect material, now have more than ten questions, but some need to do a lot of homework.Good articles, readers dont touch it.Before the group is sent, I will send it to my mobile phone to preview the effect and make adjustments. read more