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These two days

A news brush screen for the financial circle

Based on the existing new three board selection

Composes Beijing Stock Exchange

Build a service innovative SME main position


66 select layers have been happy to open,

Today full screen is big

The goal of the desired layer of corporate is

Turning plate GEM, Kechuang Board


The status is different in an instant

Beijing Stock Exchange System –

1, the overall translation select layer basic system

2, adhering to the listed company of the Beijing Stock Exchange is generated by the innovative layer company, and the new listed company is a 12-month innovative layer company in the new three board read more

financing status

He later helped the Han Emperor to flee, and it can be said that in Cao Cao, it has played a very critical role in the process of making the princes.Next, local regulatory authorities will continue to accelerate P2P network loan rectification and increase the institutional exit.In addition, the peers will extend to the whole state, the whole channel extends the tentacles, and the SaaS technical service provider of Tencent, I want to take back the big tree, the first step.This also means that the micro-alliance will be more closely tied to Tencents traffic ecology.Like Bell, Chen Qun also enjoys a temple after death, which reflects his importance of Cao Wei.73%, which has become the second major shareholder. read more