ICC World Test Championship 2021-23

Watch: Kanpur Crowd Shout 5 Rupay Ki Pepsi, Iyer Bhai Sexy As Shreyas Iyer Bats On His Test Debut

ICC World Test Championship 2021-23

WTC Points Table After 1st Match Between Sri Lanka And West Indies

10 Records In Cricket Which Seem Impossible To Break

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IND vs NZ 2021: Good Start For Shreyas Iyer In His Test Career: Rohit Sharma

IND vs NZ 2021: Ravindra Jadejas Batting Transformation Is All About A Clear Gameplan: Aakash Chopra read more


Educational Codeforces Round 115 (Rated for Div. 2)

Want to solve the contest problems after the official contest ends? Just register for practice and you will be able to submit solutions.

Virtual contest is a way to take part in past contest, as close as possible to participation on time. It is supported only ICPC mode for virtual contests. If youve seen these problems, a virtual contest is not for you – solve these problems in the archive. If you just want to solve some problem from a contest, a virtual contest is not for you – solve this problem in the archive. Never use someone elses code, read the tutorials or communicate with other person during a virtual contest. read more

(Continued) Who will save my unknown smalltationmaster who is buied by hackers-

This event begins like this:

early November 2006. I didnt pay attention, there is an income of two websites in the AdSense account (including: English side, another website is not mentioned), the advertisement display is often 0, the income is 0, I thought it was an error, Re-release the advertisement code regularly. Re-release, it is normal. But how long does it taken, it is not normal. Later, I accidentally viewed the code of the webpage, found that the AdSense advertisement code is not correct, Adsenses ID is not mine. read more

A woman has been a three emperor, what kind ofomais Feng Tai-

In ancient China, in addition to Wu Zetian, there is also a woman may have been forgotten by people. Although she is more than Wu, but his life has experienced three emperors, it is also a legend. She is the Northern Wei Feng Tai. Interested readers and we will take a look!

She was born in a nobility family, but later his father didnt have any reason, it was killed by others, so the whole family also Just entered the scene of the decline, it also started to enter the palace from a small way.

But she has always been in the palace. Under the care of this aunt, she is not like a woman in other hometown, and she is more difficult, and later because of longer look, but also by the emperor Look, then she is only 12 years old, it is already a noble. read more