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These featured scented candle brands are some of our most popular brands. If you are looking to become a candle lover, use this as a guide to ignite your candle love affair.

With no expiration and no fees, gift certificates are perfect for any occasion.

Explore Diptyque candles from the unequivocal leader in the world of high-end fragrance. Complex and intriguing!

Try out Nest candles by Laura Slatkin – a luxury line of candles that are considered Everyday fragrances for the home.

From the oldest French manufacturer in the world, Trudon candles are prestigious candles of the highest quality.

Loved for their packaging, Antica Farmacista is knowsn for fragrance and innovations in home ambiance.

LAFCO Candles is a modern home fragrance line that will add a sophistication, elegance, and unique ambience to every room.

With striking packaging and extraordinary scents, Voluspa candles are the staple in the homes of Hollywoods elite.

Thymes Frasier Fir candles are of a rare and original fragrance rooted in winter and the Holidays.

Get The Best Scented Candles & Designer Candle Brands from Candle Delirium

Candle Delirium is the 1 online candle store destination for designer and luxury scented candles in the world. Whether you are a candle lover, fancy-candle admirer, or candle addict, Candle Delirium has everything you will ever need. Browse our huge selection of designer candles online to find the, best candle brands, gift sets, perfumed candles & sprays, and expensive candles that you deserve.

At Candle Delirium, you will find the largest selection of richly scented candles frombest scentedcandle brands in the world & topreed diffuserdesigners includingArchipelagoCandles,Voluspa CandlesAquiesse Candles, Nest Candles and more high-end candles. We also make it easy to shop by your favorite candle scent or style, likewood scented orvanilla scented candles, so you can get the best designer and fancy candles for you.

Luxury candles at Candle Delirium come in many shapes, sizes, and prices. Explore numerous designer candle brands and find the fancy candles that speak to you. Tempted by one of our designer candles like Cire Trudon, but not sure how much youll love it? You can try out a new candle scent with a smalltravel candle! Bring sunshine, green grass, and flowers into your life with aspring candle. Whatever experience youre looking for, we have a designer scented candle for you. Visit our Los Angeles 3,400 sq. ft. flagship store on the famed Santa Monica Blvd. strip in West Hollywood to experience the best candles in the world! Please call 1- if you have any questions. Candle Delirium will meet all your candle needs and desires. Find out why we are the best scented candle store in Los Angeles!

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